Top Tips for Public Engagement on Climate

Findings from a collaborative evaluation project on public engagement at COP26

Ahead of COP26, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) invited funding applications from organisations planning public engagement initiatives.

They brought together six organisations to share knowledge, plan, create a ‘Theory of Change’, and collect evidence on what turned out to be most effective in engaging the public around COP26.

Shared Future was one of those organisations. We focussed on the Democracy Pioneers Legislative Theatre project, which was facilitated by Katy Rubin and led by young people from Glasgow Disability Alliance and YoMo. And you can find out more about the Democracy Pioneers project on our website.

We’ve briefly listed some of the top tips emerging from the collaborative evaluation project in its summary report. But to understand the full scope and usefulness of the collaborative evaluation findings please go to the Calouste Gulbenkian report page, where you can download both the summary and the full report.

Top tips for impactful public engagement on climate

  1. Be clear on long-term goals
  2. Build in evaluation from the start
  3. Collaborate on plans to extend your reach
  4. Bring new people in
  5. Connect climate change to things people care about in their own lives
  6. Harness emotion in a way that moves people towards action
  7. Don’t forget your campaigners
  8. Be creative
  9. Be visible
  10. Pool information and resources
  11. Be flexible and act nimbly.

Find out more and read the full report on the CGK (UK) website