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Committed to community empowerment, the social economy and democratic participation. Providing expertise, building connections and delivering impactful projects.


“We are making a difference to communities and individuals and working towards a fairer, more equal society.”

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What We Do

Shared Future is about people powered participation. We’re helping citizens become more active and have increasing influence within their communities and their connected organisations.

Citizens Assembly

Citizen Assemblies and Juries bring together a randomly selected group of everyday people, who reflect the diversity of the wider population. We help them to hold better, more informed conversations.

Climate Change

Governments and organisations across the world are considering what a meaningful response to climate change looks like. As we deal with this wicked problem we need more democracy not less.

Participatory Budgeting

Citizens know the true intention of their leaders when the budget is decided. Every budget could be more participatory. We deliver expert advice and support on Participatory Budgeting (PB).

Social Economy

We’re a social enterprise with a mission to support other social enterprises create a fairer, more just society. We do this through developing new projects that build a stronger social and solidarity economy.

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