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Shared Future is about People Powered Participation. We’re helping citizens become more active and have increasing influence within their communities and their connected organisations.

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Citizens Assembly

Shared Future are leaders in the field of Citizen Inquiries and Citizens’ Juries. We are motivated by a belief that citizens have a right to be involved in policy decision-making processes on issues of public interest.
We provide deliberative processes that involve local residents, citizens and service users in discussing, hearing evidence and making proposals around often highly contested issues of public policy.

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Climate Change

Governments and organisations across the world are considering what a meaningful response to climate change looks like. As we deal with this wicked problem we need more democracy, not less. We need citizens to be at the centre of the decisions about what these policies and actions look like. 

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Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting is about local people making decisions directly over how local public budgets are spent. It empowers communities, gets more people involved in democracy and improves local public services.

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Social Economy

We’re a social enterprise with a mission to support other social enterprises. We do this through projects that build a stronger social economy.

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