Who We Are

We are a Community Interest Company based in the North West of England. With a pool of associates based across the UK, we are able to undertake work anywhere in the country. Our aim is to provide an excellent service that makes a difference to communities and individuals and works towards a fairer, more equal society.

Our Vision

  • Reflective, modest and caring
  • Willing to share knowledge and experience
  • Active, involved and doing good work

In Community

  • By ‘in community’ we mean more than simply living within a community
  • A community is more than the sum of its parts
  • Community is what we do, not who we are
  • Community is about taking part

Achieving our Mission

  • Encouraging people to engage with difficult issues that matter to them
  • Facilitating exchanges between those with diverse experiences
  • Respecting there are many solutions and no right way to solve a problem, and that everyone has something to contribute
  • Providing appropriate information, advice and guidance, so that those we engage with are able to be more confident in their own abilities


Through our commitment to creating a fairer and more sustainable world, we set up Shared Future in 2009.


Jez Hall and Pete Bryant join as directors

Lancaster district Social Enterprise Network launched


Lancaster district local strategic partnership Social Enterprise Development project


Our 1st Citizen Assembly launched: A Citizens Jury on Alcohol in Morecambe


Formation of the UK PB Network starts (2013-2022)


3 Year Participatory Budgeting programmes with Greater Manchester Police launched


Latticeworks: Social enterprise development launched in Manchester and Lancaster

Jayne Joins Shared Future as director

A 3 year programme of support to grow PB in Scotland which led to the Scotland PB network (2015 – 2018)


5 Citizen Assemblies achieved! The West Midlands Mental Health Commission Citizen Jury Launched

A 3 year programme of support to grow PB in Northern Ireland which led to the PB NI network (2016 – 2020)

Jenny Willis Joins Shared Future as an associate


10 Citizen Assemblies achieved! The last of four citizen assemblies on Health and wellbeing in the Blackpool region completed. Blackpool south report

Martin Wells and Amanda Preece Joins Shared future as associates


Sally Bloomer Joins Shared Future as a associate

Participatory Budgeting and Social Housing report launched


Our Money our Planet (PB and citizens juries and climate change) report launched

Participatory Budgeting and Social Entprise research report launch

4 Citizen Juries on Mental health and wellbeing in Dudley


20 Citizen Assemblies Completed! A citizens Jury on Climate in Warwick launched

Mara Livermore, Caroline Tosal-Suprun, Claire Mellier-Wilson and Liz Goold Join Shared Future as associates

A Youth PB project funded by Erasmus which produced the YouthPB toolkit (2020 – 2022)


Andy Paice joins shared future as associate


30 Citizen Assemblies Completed! The Blackburn with Darwen Peoples Jury on the climate change crisis Launches


Samuel Augustine and Rowan Harris join Shared Future as officers

Supporting a regenerative economics/food Participatory Budgeting programme in Lancaster

The UKs’ first citizen panel on community safety and policing

The UKs first climate jury on rising sea levels in Bude

Evaluation report on PB projects Gwent

Design support for the Just Heat energy transition report



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We have associates based across the UK, and our core team of directors and staff live in Lancashire, Cumbria and Greater Manchester.


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