Mara Livermore



Mara joined Shared Future in 2020 as a citizens’ jury facilitator, and is an experienced coach, consultant and freelance facilitator in grounded constructivist and holistic workshop design.

Whether designing her own workshops or facilitating on behalf of a varied group of international institutions, Mara is dedicated to supporting progress on sustainable development goals by ensuring more voices get heard. Mara specialises in supporting ambitious, mission-led, early-stage ventures, using human centred frameworks and techniques to anticipate the needs of her clients and the businesses they serve.

Mara also works as a consultant strategist for startups and business enterprises and completes research at the University of Liverpool in African Traditional Religions studying their role in anti-slavery resistance and supports modern anti-trafficking efforts with her work on the use of ritual.

Specialisms and interests

Climate juries, mental health and identity narrative coaching, anti-trafficking education, global climate justice, entrepreneurship, employability.

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