Realistic Medicine: Interim report from Scotland’s Citizens Inquiry on Shared Decision Making 2019

In the autumn of 2018 a diverse group of Scottish Citizens gathered over three days to make recommendations on shared decision-making in health and social care. 24 people shared ideas, opinions and experiences and questioned outside ‘experts’ before attempting to reach some consensus. The Citizens Jury was facilitated by Peter Bryant and Jez Hall of Shared Future CIC. The Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision-making: Interim Report documents the process followed and lists, in the participants’ own words, their recommendations.

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Mainstreaming Participatory Budgeting

This briefing has been produced in response to Scotland’s Community Choices programme and aims to support public sector organisations wishing to develop ‘mainstream’ Participatory Budgeting(PB) initiatives.

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Fracking: A Citizens Deliberation, Preston 2016

Fracking and its role in the UK is a hugely important issue for politicians grappling with the energy challenges we are faced with now and in the future. This deliberative process, facilitated by Shared Future CIC, looked at how people feel and think about Fracking when they are given an opportunity to learn more about the topic and consider and discuss the issue as part of a group.

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