Place-Based Climate Action Network(PCAN) releases report on local climate action

Director of Shared Future, Peter Bryant, has contributed to a new report by The Place-Based Climate Action Network and The Economic and Social Research Council, launched June 2023. The report chronicles five years of research by PCAN, highlighting key-growth indicators in place-based climate action, and the factors vital for its continued growth, including in local governance and leadership.

Peter writes on the role of citizen assemblies and the importance of high quality community engagement, based on our experience creating guides funded by PCAN on how to commission climate juries or assemblies.

He reflects on the purpose of climate assemblies and how it connects to local communities, sharing his insights around the commitment levels required to fully engage with community-led experimentation, creativity and insight.

Speaking about the project SFCIC worked on, and PCAN’s latest report, Peter says:

This excellent PCAN report crystallises the vital role of local authorities in addressing the climate emergency. It is also a plea to ‘move from the rhetoric of climate emergency declarations to action with locally supported, evidence based climate action plans’.

Climate Commissions and similar structures provide a vehicle through which the energy and expertise of the public, private and voluntary sector can be mobilised and new forms of local climate governance created.

Meaningful citizen engagement must be at the core of this new governance”.

His contributions can viewed on page 25 of the report. To download the report, use the below link.

Download “Enabling Place-Based Climate Action in the UK