Inquiry into the Challenge of Care at Home

An opportunity to improve Care at Home services in Greater Manchester.

“What would it take to help people to have a good life at home for as long as they choose?”

The Inquiry itself has now concluded, and we have moved into the next phase.

Read the Inquiry final report and hear about its launch

Learn more about this project from the historic news post below

We sought out caring professionals to join our innovative “Inquiry into Care at Home”.

Help us to find better ways to provide Care at Home, that works on an emotional, person centred and practical level. Keeping people with care needs safe, happy and well in their own home is one of the biggest challenges faced by individuals, their families, the NHS and Local Authorities.

  • Would you like to see improved services for vulnerable elderly people?
  • Do you, or have you, delivered ‘Care at Home’ services?
  • Working in a health and social care specialism?
    Such as in OT, Nursing, General Practice, Social Work or as a front-line care provider?

We want the people who deliver or support ‘Care at Home’ services, particularly for the elderly, to take on this challenge by joining the ‘Care and Home Inquiry’. We have a broad interpretation of ‘Care at Home’, recognising the wide range of professionals, services and networks of support that are involved.

“What would it take to help people to have a good life at home for as long as they choose?”

We hope to find 15-20 people willing to take on the challenge above. As diverse a group as possible of passionate and committed people with a range of skills and experience. They will meet as equals over the six evening inquiry sessions in September and October 2018. The first session will be on the evening of Thursday the 13th September and run weekly for 6 weeks. Producing recommendations that could make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable older people, their families and the work of public bodies.

Everyone will be bringing their own personal experiences of the ‘care at home’ system, and have stories related to themselves, their work or family members. Our expert facilitators will help the inquiry members explore the relationship between their personal and professional roles, and by talking together and sharing their experiences they will help to design better models of care.

If you would like to take part in the inquiry please register your interest


What you need to know if you join the Inquiry

  • Participants in the inquiry will not be paid, except for essential expenses.
  • They have to commit to meeting over six evenings, each lasting around 2.5 hours, in central Manchester. The Inquiry will take place in September and October 2018, starting on the 13th September, in central Manchester.
  • They will be working as a team drawn from all levels of the NHS and its partners. Different skills, but everyone equal.  No voice will hold more sway than another.
  • It will be a unique opportunity to learn about and influence how Care at Home is delivered in Greater Manchester.
  • Recommendations will be shared widely, and presented directly to leading commissioners, politicians, care deliverers and those responsible for NHS and social care services at an event this autumn.
  • The Inquiry has the backing of the GM H&SC Partnership’s Person and Community Centred Approaches Team.
  • While it may consider all adult social care the focus will be on older people’s ‘Care at Home’ services.

Who is supporting the Inquiry?

Primarily the participants, who will make it work. They will be central to the whole process.
They will be supported by:

  • Witnesses – who we are calling commentators, who will be invited to some of the sessions to bring in their lived experience, and offer different perspectives.
  • Expert facilitation led by Shared Future CIC, will help participants explore the boundaries between your ‘personal’ and ‘professional’ roles.  Guiding the participants towards making innovative and deliverable recommendations for change.
  • An Oversight group with a range of expertise, and the experience to help the facilitation team design and deliver the Inquiry. The Oversight group’s task is to set the Inquiry Question, a compelling ‘call to attention’ that the facilitators will use to focus the conversation.
  • Collaborating Out Loud will help amplify and spread the influence of the Inquiry, will help recruit participants and will share the learning.  Find out more about their work at

Everyone involved will have their personal experiences of the Care at Home system. We know NHS staff and social care teams are doing the best they can with limited resources and in the face of increasing needs, and will have compelling stories related to themselves or family members.  The Inquiry seeks to build on that passion, professionalism and empathy to find ways to provide excellent Care at Home.

Our facilitation team is led by Jez Hall and Amanda Preece of Shared Future, and Katie Finney of Amity.

Supporting the Inquiry will be; Claire Haigh of Collaborating Out Loud; Liz Richardson, of Manchester University; Susanne Martikke, from Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation; and Andrew Burridge, programme officer for the North West Assoc’ of Directors of Adult Social Services.

The Inquiry is funded by Jam and Justice. Jam and Justice is an academic led action research project that aims to create unique spaces for social innovation, which co-produce, test and learn about new ways of governing cities such as Greater Manchester.


About our call for Commissioners and Oversight Panel members

We were also seeking commissioners, NHS leaders and public health specialists to support the Inquiry’s Oversight Panel.

To support the Inquiry we asked for the help of experts in Care at Home: A mix of Commissioners, NHS leaders, academics, and public health engagement specialists. We had a good response and on the 2nd August they met for the first time to:

  • Join our first advisory group, and at that session help us in setting the Inquiry question
  • Suggest expert witnesses and help us recruit and select participants
  • Agree to listen to the recommendations and work with the inquiry members to help implement change
  • Share the learning from the Inquiry with colleagues and stakeholders across Greater Manchester.

They agreed the question for the challenge into Care at Home would be:
“What would it take to help people to have a good life at home for as long as they choose?”