The Wirral Alcohol Inquiry: final report

A session of the Wirral Alcohol Inquiry

Alcohol harm within the Wirral had been of increasing concern to communities and public services for some time and has become a high profile media issue.

This Citizens Inquiry identified and engaged with 20 Wirral residents, with the purpose of empowering and enabling them to articulate an informed view of the actions that individuals, the community, the Council and other stakeholders should support and adopt to reduce alcohol-related harm in Wirral.

The top two recommendations were around licensing and support within the community:

  • Limit the number of licensed premises and make it easier for the public to object to licensing applications. Educate the public that you can have a say on local licensing. Explore how we can make it easier for the public to have their say on local licensing.
  • Community projects for young people and adults that provide alternatives to drinking alcohol, keep people together and offer new ways to make friends, and gain life, social and work skills. Encourage brewers to fund these projects.

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