Welcoming Samuel to the SFCIC team

As Shared Future grows and takes on new projects and challenges we have been recruiting two new staff members.

We have recruited Samuel to focus on our comms and outreach, particularly growing our participatory budgeting work, as well as supporting some of our deliberative democracy work. Rowan has also replaced Maria as our project officer.

As a way of introduction we asked Samuel some questions about why he wanted to work for us, and his hopes and aspirations. We’ll do a similar piece on Rowan shortly.

What have you done previously that really inspires you?

I think we all have those moments where you come to realise enough is enough, when it comes to seeing how people and planet are shattered by government policy, corporate greed and the dark sides of our society and culture. George Floyds murder was a turning point for me. And when I was volunteering at a food bank during the pandemic, delivering food bags to families – hearing their stories of isolation and struggle – it devastated me.

I switched careers into politics and community organising because of moments like these. Instead of checking out and giving into the apathy and despair of it all, let’s do something about it. There is so much work to do, a whole planet to protect and people’s lives to lift. Let’s get on with it!

How’s it felt working at Shared Future so far?

It has been great to work with the team. I’ve found the openness in sharing the challenges of our work in such a supportive way refreshing; it makes work feel like home. It has been a pleasure to work with Jez, learning from his expertise with Participatory Budgets. I’ve really enjoyed working with the nuances and complications of our deliberative processes. Seeing the power of citizen engagement feels so purposeful and hopeful. Our democracy needs repair, and it feels that work is being done here, at SFCIC.

If you could dream, what could we do together that could make a real difference?

A nationwide project that combines citizen assemblies with a direct democracy initiative – covering policies on poverty reduction, climate action, more participatory budgeting, citizenship education, and electoral reform. With the people’s recommendations able to dictate to and make more accountable those who want to be our representatives. Let the people decide.