The Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury

The Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury saw 30 social housing tenants from across the North meet online over 10 weeks between July and September 2021. The report of the process was released on the 2nd November 2021. In May 2022 the project won best resident involvement initiative at the Northern Housing Awards.

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The Jury explored tenants’ views on retrofit, their opinions of specific measures, and their preferences for how these kinds of interventions should be undertaken in their homes and neighbourhoods.

They also had the chance to say what information they need before, during, and after the retrofit process to use low carbon heating technology confidently.

Homes account for around one quarter of the North’s carbon emissions. To meet the challenge of net zero, the NHC estimates over one million social rented sector homes across the North will require green upgrades.

However, retrofit is not just about making emissions targets, it is about delivering positive social and climate outcomes to ensure all residents can live in a warm, sustainable home. It is essential residents have a say so that their homes are refurbished according to their needs and aspirations.

How it worked

Participants worked together alongside expert facilitators to develop their recommendations.

These put forward their preferences, as social housing tenants, as to how tenants, social housing providers, and others can work together to tackle climate change in our homes and neighbourhoods?

The findings of the Jury were presented at the Northern Housing Summit between the 2nd and 4th of November 2021. The report, and an accompanying video went online on the 2nd November.

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The Jury Statement

As part of writing recommendations the jury (many initially unconcerned about climate change) developed their own statement. This included a compelling ‘call to action’ to which all of them signed up:

“It’s been an education and it’s been eye opening. Climate change needs to be taken seriously, not just for now, but for future generations. We feel there is too much talk and the time has come for action…. When you look at our recommendations, go forward with an open mind, listen to what we have to say and above all – let’s take action and act together.”

The project was led by Northern Housing Consortium who represent the views of housing organisations in the North of England. Shared Future facilitated the process, with Andy Paice acting as our lead facilitator.

Watch the Jury Sessions on the Northern Housing Consortium’s website

Read the Social Housing Tenants Climate Jury’s full report