Samuel Augustine



Samuel joined Shared Future in May 2023 as Programme Development Officer, assisting with participatory budgeting projects, communications and citizens’ juries. He is an Economics graduate of Birkbeck, University of London, and has experiences in the finance and politics field.

Until summer 2020, Samuel was a client services manager specialising in foreign exchange trading and finance systems management. In the wake of major social and political upturns worldwide, that being the decade-long effects of austerity, climate change, the Covid pandemic and movements like #METOO and BLM; he pursued a career change into politics and organising. He completed his undergraduate degree in autumn 2021.

Since then, he completed his degree in autumn 2021 and gained experience as an organiser, projects and operations lead. Samuel is dedicated to community building, advocating for others and bringing about structures that gives people economic dignity, access to democracy and human flourishing. He hopes that with participatory budgeting and citizens’ juries we see a shift towards people powered governance, better representation in political systems and more connected, thriving communities.

Samuel’s specialisms include: citizen engagement, participatory budgeting, citizens’ juries, and deliberative governance.

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