Social Enterprise

If you want to know about social enterprise, you’ve come to the right place! We’re a social enterprise set up with a mission to support other social enterprises.

Whilst we can (and do) offer support on any aspect of social enterprise, we have a core delivery model, Lattice Works, which offers a whole host of approaches to help a town, city, district or region support new and existing social enterprises. Find out more about how we’ve delivered this, the results we’ve achieved, where we’re currently running the programme, and how to commission it for your area.

"Your training set us off on the right foot, and we are now a registered Community Interest Company" — Yellow Jigsaw CIC
Woman at a community meeting, holding up a 'Building Vibrant Community' ideas sheet

A social enterprise that supports other social enterprises

Our directors all worked together in the social enterprise field for many years. In partnership with our experienced associates, we understand how to deliver sparkling social enterprise development programmes that become embedded within the local community. We also:

  • Contribute to the boards of other social enterprises (like the Social Enterprise Lancashire Network)
  • Work in (and with) the public sector, the private sector, higher education and the social ecomony
  • Carry out SE research with universities and support knowledge exchange programmes
  • Have managed charities and worked at an international level in both the private and voluntary sector
  • Undertake pro-bono development work and voluntary activity, both within our role at Shared Future and in our communities

We know that social enterprise doesn’t exist in isolation. We help fledgling community benefit organisations and social entrepreneurs build those key links as they become established.

Our support combines real world approaches underpinned by a sound grasp of theory: knowledge of what works in a range of different circumstances, underpinned by practical business advice tailored to the requirements of individual social enterprises. Not only that, but we’re happy to share our extensive networks and help to people connect with peers who share their values.

We think it’s the best way to help others achieve that delicate balance between people, profit and planet.

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