Shared Future CIC Response to Covid-19

Following public health guidance, we, like many companies, have been changing how we work.

All face to face meetings have been cancelled, and we are switching to online meetings. We continue to operate and intend to continue to do so.

Our staff and associates are being supported to work from home (as we all already do), and we are responding to emails, phone calls and other contact as normal.

As an organisation used to working remotely we are putting our resources and skills to serve other organisations and individuals however and wherever we can.

The safety and well-being of vulnerable people is our priority.

Find out how to protect yourself and others from Covid-19 (coronavirus) on the NHS website

We recognise our duty to support everyone with whom we engage.

This is true through this and indeed through any crisis. That includes the many past and current participants of our deliberative processes and community development work, such as our citizens’ juries. Without their freely given help, commitment and support we could not have done the important work we do towards creating a fairer and more sustainable world.

If you are experiencing hardship as a result of Covid-19, or just need a chat, we are here for you, and will do what we can to help.

For social enterprises and community based organisations, especially the smallest, who will be struggling to cope whilst helping others.

We have associates experienced and able to help with complex issues of business management and consultancy. If we can’t help we will try and signpost you on to those who can. We are always here for that simple chat that makes us all feel a bit more human and connected. If that might help, contact us directly or through our contact pages.

We are currently planning a series of online webinars, free to attend. We’ll try and collate and share resources that may be useful. Such as links to Covid-19 mutual aid groups, who are providing essential information on how organise support effectively and safely. As new ideas emerge we will update this page.

Our work and our organisation can and will outlast this crisis.

It’s going to be tough for many people. In line with our values and mission we are going to use this extraordinary time positively, to build a kinder and more resilient society, at all levels. As a social enterprise we ask our friends, and especially our clients, to stand by Shared Future CIC. Like many, we, as an organisation, will undoubtedly feel the effects of Covid-19 financially. Those maintaining our operations are very practically demonstrating their commitment to ourselves, our communities of place and practice, our networks and our colleagues.

By working together we are stronger.

Peter Bryant, Jez Hall, Jayne McFadyen, on behalf of all SFCIC Directors and Associates