Shared Future specialises in facilitating both standalone and repeated conversations to develop learning, solve problems and build consensus.

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Other Services

Shared Future’s associates can help with community-led planning and empowerment projects to ethical business, social responsibility and more.

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Give It Away Days from Shared Future

GIAD May 2016

A Give it Away Day (GIAD) is about learning from and with interesting people with specific expert knowledge, and so developing ideas for new ways of collaborating and working together. A kind of CPD for independent professionals – to expand horizons, make connections and build relationships.

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Participatory Budgeting

Rochdale PB

PB Partners is a project of Shared Future CIC that delivers expert advice and consultancy in the field of Participatory Budgeting (PB). PB has been recognised as one of the most effective ways to engage and empower citizens, and has been spreading across the globe.

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