Action Learning Set facilitation and training services

Action Learning is a proven, practical way of solving problems, of exploring new ideas and opportunities, and developing leadership and management skills.

At Shared Future we follow the Reg Revans model of Action Learning, which means our Action Learning sets are not mere talking shops with a fancy title or advice-giving sessions where people tell each other what they think they should do.

We bring together like-minded social entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers to work through real issues in a collaborative, challenging yet supportive way. It’s been described as “the board you could never afford”, or sometimes as business-focussed group therapy!

For larger organisations Action Learning can be a tool for departments to use in tackling project-based issues, or for management teams or managers from across an organisation to use in developing strategic direction.

The power of Action Learning comes from tapping into the wealth of knowledge that you and your peers already have. By developing your skills to ask the right question at the right time you can empower yourself and your teams, develop your leadership abilities and become more strategic in the way you work. Action Learning sets are best suited to those in a leadership or senior management role. Participants must commit to the full programme of six sessions, each lasting half a day.

An Action Learning meeting being chaired by Shared Future

What people say about Action Learning

  • “It provides a great insight into other peoples’ organisations”
  • “A fantastic tool for problem-solving”
  • “Working with people who know what you’re going through is so helpful”

About our facilitators

Our chief facilitator is Laurie Smith, who has experience of running more than 50 sets for social enterprises and small businesses. He has also worked with many other organisations to help develop their leadership and business skills and has a great understanding of the challenges faced by small social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations.

In addition to facilitating sets, Laurie also trains other facilitators to run their own Action Learning sets. Facilitators Laurie has trained include those from Swansea University School of Management, Bangor University Business School, and Quolux Ltd.

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Laurie Smith of Shared Future