The Copeland People’s Panel on Climate Change

With the support of Zero Carbon Cumbria Programme and Shared Future, Copeland Borough Council commissioned the Copeland People’s Panel on Climate Change — a citizens’ jury that will guide the council and partner organisations on where their priorities should lie as they work towards their ambition of becoming a net-zero carbon district.

A citizens’ panel consists of members of the public that come together to deliberate and make recommendations on a particular issue, in this case climate change.

The panel comprised 30 residents from Copeland who met between eight and 10 times. During the process, which Shared Future facilitated, members heard presentations from a range of commentators, who bring expertise on climate change.

The Question raised to the panel was:

“What action should we take in our homes, businesses and
local area to respond to climate change?

A series of youth activities in a joint panel was also conducted, you can find the subsequent report here.