Realistic Medicine: Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision-making

In the autumn of 2018 a diverse group of Scottish Citizens gathered over three days to make recommendations on shared decision-making in health and social care.

24 people shared ideas, opinions and experiences and questioned outside ‘experts’ before attempting to reach some consensus. The Citizens’ Jury was facilitated by Peter Bryant and Jez Hall of Shared Future CIC.

The Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision-making: Interim Report documents the process followed and lists, in the participants’ own words, their recommendations. The question chosen by the jury was:

“What should shared decision-making look like and what needs to be done for this to happen?”

The Citizens’ Jury presented their 13 recommendations to Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer and other key stakeholders in health and social care at an event in Dundee on 6 February 2019. These stakeholders discussed the implication of the recommendations, and the outputs of the event will be incorporated into a final report on improving Shared Decision Making.

A follow up blog on the launch event is also available here.

Its’ subsequent 2017 literature review with Our Voice is also available here.