Budehaven School Mini-Jury Report

Budehaven School Mini-Jury

The Budehaven School Mini-Jury was commissioned by Bude Climate Partnership with National Lottery funding. It recognises that young people have a stake in the future and should have a say in the policies that will affect them and their generation, and that they may bring fresh perspectives and creativity to the problems that they will face.

The Budehaven School Mini-Jury is the first in England to have taken place within a school. It is a ‘miniature’ jury, in that it was a shorter process than a traditional jury. Nevertheless, it demonstrates desire and potential for young people to shape the policies and practices of their school and the wider community.

The Mini-Jury sat for three, four-hour sessions during school hours in November.

‘‘We are completely behind what you are all doing with the Bude Climate Partnership and the discussions and decisions you make within your work here are hugely important, not locally, but across the world. We are pioneers in this project; everything you do will be used as part of a template for schools across the UK. As a school community, we will respect the decisions you make and will support you in all you do.”

Headmaster’s message to the Mini-Jury, Budehaven Community School

The Budehaven School Mini-Jury developed 18 recommendations to be implemented in school and in the Bude community.