Blackpool Far North Health and Wellbeing Inquiry

Throughout 2017, we worked with Public Health at Blackpool Council and the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group to design and deliver four Citizens Inquiries on health and wellbeing. In late January 2018 the findings from the two latest Inquiries were launched in the beautiful surroundings of the Winter Gardens – a fitting end to 3 months’ great work from 36 residents of Blackpool Far North and Blackpool South facilitated by Pete Bryant and Nick Beddow from Shared Future.

The question raised at this inquiry was:

“For people living in Blackpool Far North what are the main things that affect people’s health and well-being and what can be done about them?

The two groups met separately each Thursday, each of the sessions lasting some two and a half hours.  During these informal and relaxed sessions a diverse group of local residents were encouraged to think and talk about well-being and health in their neighbourhood.  A number of experts (‘commentators’) were invited to come and speak at some of the sessions to add knowledge and to help them explore how things could be changed.

This was the third of four citizen Inquiries with Blackpool Council. The reports of the Blackpool East, Central and South Health and Wellbeing inquiries are available for download in our reports and resources page.