West Midlands Mental Health Commission Citizen Inquiry Report 2017

On the 31st January 2017 the West Midlands Mental Health Commission Action Plan was launched by Norman Lamb MP. Central to the production of the action plan was the Citizen Inquiry, organised by Shared Future CIC.

Thrive West Midlands sets out a series of ambitious actions and pledges the commission has produced with the aim of changing lives in the region. The plan is a priority project for the combined authority and is the result of months of work by the WMCA Mental Health Commission, together with a Citizens Jury of people with personal experience of mental ill health.

WMCA also commissioned research into poor mental health and its impact on the public sector – notably by the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham, in partnership with the Centre for Mental Health.

The report highlights several priority actions, including:

  • Early intervention
  • Decent housing
  • Helping people into work and off benefits
  • Keeping people out of the criminal justice system

Chair Norman Lamb MP told the audience at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham that he was proud of the West Midlands for leading the way in this work which had made it part of a global network.

“I was asked to produce recommendations to improve the lives of people but I have seen recommendations made and then nothing changes,” he said.

“Instead we have come up with concrete actions that people have signed up to and I think it is brilliant that the West Midlands has taken the enlightened decision to do this.