Fracking: A Citizens Deliberation, Preston 2016

This deliberative process, facilitated by Shared Future CIC, looked at how people feel and think about Fracking when they are given an opportunity to learn more about the topic and consider and discuss the issue as part of a group.

Fracking and its role in the UK is a hugely important issue for politicians grappling with the energy challenges we are faced with now and in the future.

However, the debate is dominated by industry representatives, politicians and campaigners, with citizens often left watching from the sidelines. Opinion is polarised on each side and the public watches through the lens of media reports, lobbying and public campaigns. After hearing from a diverse set of expert commentators from both sides of the debate, the group deliberated at length and came up with their own recommendations.

Our report is a summary of the process followed and a record of the conclusions of the group. Our role has been purely to facilitate the considerations of the participants. At no point does the report seek to interpret any of the information gathered.