Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast: Sortition, Climate Change and Citizens Assemblies

Shared Future’s Pete Bryant featured in a Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. The podcast was originally aired on the 18th May 2020.

Episode 139 of this long running podcast series covered ‘A Mission for Sortition: Citizens’ Assemblies & the climate crisis.

Listen to the Reasons to be Cheerful Episode 139 Podcast online

As self declared big fans of citizens’ assemblies, Ed Miliband MP and Geoff Lloyd explored how the 2020 UK Climate Change Citizens’ Assembly went and what comes next.

In the podcast assembly member Ibrahim talks about his experience. Climate expert Becky Willis explains how we can revolutionise democracy to tackle the climate crisis through the use of sortition and deliberation. And Shared Futures’ Pete Bryant explained about (and advocates strongly for) local climate Juries in towns and cities across the country as a means to build agency and voice.

Plus Big Issue founder John Bird on how we can support the magazine during lockdown.