Shared Future is serious about participation. We’re all about helping people to become more active and have increasing influence within their communities and their connected organisations.
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Participatory Budgeting ... and more

Our commitment to citizen participation is most evident in our work on Participatory Budgeting, where we are the UK leaders in the field.

We have a number of highly experienced associates that work through PB Partners to deliver first rate training and consultancy on Participatory Budgeting. Clients include local authorities, housing providers, NHS commissioners and Police forces.

We are particularly proud of our work with the Scottish Government, which has led to a massive growth in the number of PB programmes operating north of the border, and our academic contacts with organisations such as the Centre for the Study of Democracy.

We support community-based organisations looking to increase their reach into marginalised communities and so give citizens a voice, which is why we provide secretarial and communication services to the UK PB Network.

But our work on participation is wider than just PB. We collaborate widely and undertake work around leadership development, community engagement and community-led design. We have supported the international Participedia programme, a knowledge base for Participatory Democracy worldwide of which we are a named collaborator.

We work locally too, such as our involvement with Levy Soup, the first ‘Soup’ micro-crowding programme in Manchester.

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