Report on Online Webinars about Participatory Budgeting and Young People

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As part of the Erasmus+ funded PB Youth Accelerator programme partners from 3 countries and delegates from around Europe, with a focus on Scotland, joined three online workshop sessions on 21st and 22nd April 2020.

Originally planned as face to face sessions they were moved online due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

We are delighted to share the reports emerging from those workshops. One podcast and two written reports.

Participatory Budgeting Youth Accelerator Knowledge Sharing Workshop ONLINE

The first, on the morning of the 21st April was a knowledge exchange workshop, with invited leaders of Scotland based PB programmes to explore in greater depth the unique features of each. We are inviting them to share their learning from doing PB with young people in formal and informal settings.

The online meeting kicked off with a series of short case studies and Q+A rounds. Following these knowledge sharing sessions we worked together to create ‘Big Picture’ Stories. Creating narratives of our collective “Who, What, Where, When, Why” of Youth PB to inform our toolkit and website content. The recording, which is a bit rough but contains loads of great detail and discussion, is available on the Soundcloud platform. The page for the podcast also contains a detailed breakdown of the 44 minute recording to allow you to navigate around it.

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Image from South Glasgow YouthBank Big Grant Giveaway
Listen to the Podcast on Soundcloud

Participatory Budgeting Youth Accelerator Open Space ONLINE

The second workshop, on the morning of the 22nd April was an ‘Open Space’ meeting. The focus was democratic innovation and the future of youth empowerment, especially now Covid-19 has affected society so deeply. It sought to answer the following questions:

  • What has already or will need to change as a result of Covid-19?
  • How might existing democratic practices evolve?
  • How do we ensure schools, youth organisation and other stakeholders recognise and respond to the aspirations of young people through embracing participatory budgeting?
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We harvested key messages around developing Youth PB locally and at scale, in the community and in schools, based on the challenge question:

‘What would it take to go bigger, deeper and further in accelerating Youth PB in a post Covid-19 world?’.

Download the Youth PB Open Space Report

PB Youth Accelerator Legislative Theatre Workshop ONLINE

Following on from the morning open space workshop on the afternoon of the 22nd April was a session focussed on democratic deliberation, and an opportunity to learn about a innovative methodology for democratic policy development. The theme was on using Legislative Theatre to creatively explore new approaches to youth participation.

Conversations were led by Katy Rubin, founder of Theatre of the Oppressed New York, who is one of the foremost practitioners and facilitators of Legislative Theatre. Katy trained with Augusto Boal, creator of Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, and has facilitated Theatre of the Oppressed projects with activists and artists internationally and across the US over the past decade.

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We invited creative practitioners, youth empowerment champions and those with practical experience of running participatory budgeting projects who are seeking new, deliberative approaches to improve their work.

Download the Legislative Theatre report

More information about the PB Youth Accelerator Project

We know young people wish to be good citizens, as has been seen by the recent climate change school strikes happening across Europe. This project will harness that energy and help make democratic participation a lifelong learning opportunity.

There is a new website for the project where extensive case studies, an online map and toolkit will shortly begin to be uploaded. We also have a growing Facebook page through which you can interact with the project.

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The project consists of 5 partners from 3 countries – Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.  All involved in activities that seek to develop civic participation and who share a particular interest in the empowerment of young people.

This Erasmus+ funded project will provide opportunities for youth workers, educators and teachers to explore how to implement a participatory budget(PB) processes. We seek to develop capacity and competency towards ensuring the participation of young people in the civic life of a city, a community or a school. It aims to be an innovative project that gives opportunities to experience democracy in action, especially at the local level.