Free Resources for Participatory Budgeting

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Over the years we have contributed to a number of free resources on participatory budgeting. We want to pull these together and share them with you.

We are passionate about promoting about participatory budgeting(PB) as we believe it can empower citizens. And as well as advocating for it we also provide services to help people take action themselves, or support for public bodies so they can improve their participation processes.

Most of the free resources we have helped develop are kept on the PB Network website, the go to place for information on PB in the UK. But to make it easier to access them and share them more widely we have also put them on our own site.

There are a selection of free resources available on the links below:

The Introductory Guide to PB (2015) is only available on the PB Network site.

Follow our work on participatory budgeting

We have also regularly posted podcasts, blogs and news items related to PB, such as our Youth PB Accelerator project. Find all of these in one place on our dedicated PB news pages.