Real conversations for a change. Whether it’s through Citizen Juries, through community-led design or our knowledge exchange work, we connect people. We then support them to take action and where necessary connect them to ‘expert’ knowledge.
Attendees at the Wirral Alcohol Inquiry

Our specialist community engagement consultancy work, led by Peter Bryant, can really have an impact. This is exemplified by our facilitation of citizen juries on difficult topics such as alcohol use, fracking and mental health services.

We help communities (and especially those individuals that are often marginalised from public engagement processes) to explore issues of public policy in ways that make a real difference to local people and local policy.

Excellence in Community Engagement

We have experience of a wide range of community engagement techniques, including:

  • Community asset mapping
  • Training of community researchers
  • Asset-based community development
  • Participatory video
  • Open Space

We can help with facilitating community-led design programmes or undertake feasibility studies for capital projects or community-led management of physical assets such as community centres, parks and playgrounds.

We love running projects such as our Give It Away Days, where we find inspiration by sharing our expert knowledge with our peers. Our business model, with associates operating across the country, is an exercise in building strong communities.

We can also help build online networks (like the UK PB Network and the North Lancashire Social Enterprise Network).

If you want to engage with and build capacity among stakeholders of all kinds, but particularly amongst those living within a neighbourhood or community, then contact Shared Future today.

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