Digital Stories from the Bude Area Community Jury

The Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change, commissioned by Bude Climate Partnership, brought together 34 citizens aged 16 to 86 from across the wider Bude area to answer the question: ‘‘How can we respond to a changing climate, including sea level rise, to support our community to thrive?

In these short videos, members of the Bude area community jury talk about what they felt about being part of this innovative process; the first on climate induced sea level rise in the UK.

Alex’s Story

Alex valued how we can do democracy differently – with greater compassion, humility, and respect for the views of local people. For Alex, this was the value of the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change. “It was a beautiful group of people who really do care about Bude.”

Jayne’s Story

The impact of Citizens’ Juries goes way beyond the recommendations they produce. Half a year later, Jayne’s bringing together people from across the Bude area to help restore the dunes – a key first line of defence against coastal erosion and storm surges

Tia’s Story

Tia’s friends said they wouldn’t be going to get involved. They felt nothing was going to happen. But Tia felt both interested, and disgusted, about the way the world is going. So, Tia took the plunge.

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine was one of the 34 local residents who were members of the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change. She describes her excitement, and her fears of being a part of this deliberative process.

Carrina’s Story

For Carrina, hearing from young members of the Budehaven School Mini-Jury had a big impact. “I’ve got two teenage children myself, and these problems are going to impact them predominantly going forward, so I think it’s vitally important that their views are heard.”

Andy’s Story

Andy was aware of the reality of climate change, but didn’t see himself as an activist. Developing shared principles of honesty, fairness and equality, which everyone could agree on, was central to his experience as a member of the community jury.

Read about this project in our report on this website.

These Digital Stories were produced by for the Bude Climate Partnership. The project was funded by the Climate Action Fund of The National Lottery Community Fund.

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