Democratic Journeys: Participatory Budgeting in a time of Covid

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The podcast series Democracy Journeys, by the Association of Municipalities and Regions of Sweden (SALAR) is about citizen dialogue, co-creation and democracy at a local and regional level. Each episode focuses on developing democracy and strengthening the relationship between citizens and a municipality or regional Government.

“We need to learn from the history of building back better.

That we need to enable individual citizens to define how investments for their benefit are spent.”    Jez Hall, Shared Future.

In Podcast #38, participation expert Edward Andersson interviewed Jez Hall and Nelson Dias on participatory budgeting in a time of covid. How have those processes been affected by the pandemic? Hear about what is happening in citizens’ dialogue and citizens-led participatory budgets in Portugal and Scotland. 

Listen to Podcast #38: Participatory Budgeting in a time of Covid

The host was Anders Nordh, Senior Adviser in the Finance and Governance Division at SALAR and Edward Andersson, a consultant at SALAR conducted the interview. The discussion focussed on international examples of citizen dialogue and citizen-led budgeting, and how these have been affected by Covid19. Recorded in November 2020, it was released in March 2021, just as Europe was moving into a third wave of the pandemic.

Length: 30 minutes.

The podcast is in English, with a short introduction (from 20 seconds until 1 minute 20 seconds) in Swedish.

This article reproduced courtesy of the SALAR website.
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