Copeland People’s Panel on Climate Change

Copeland People's Panel

The Copeland People’s Panel on Climate Change began on 14 July. The panel will meet every week between late July and September this year. All meetings will take place online.

With the support of Zero Carbon Cumbria Programme and Shared Future, Copeland Borough Council launched the Copeland People’s Panel on Climate Change — a citizens’ jury that will guide the council and partner organisations on where their priorities should lie as they work towards their ambition of becoming a net-zero carbon district.

A citizens’ jury consists of members of the public that come together to deliberate and make recommendations on a particular issue, in this case climate change.

The panel will comprise 30 residents from Copeland who will meet between eight and 10 times. During the process, which Shared Future is facilitating, members will hear presentations from a range of commentators, who bring expertise on climate change. Panel members will be able to ask questions of those commentators and share their own views and opinions with each other, before making recommendations for actions that can address the climate emergency.

The Sortition Foundation sent 6,000 letters to randomly selected addresses across the borough inviting them to register their interest in joining the panel. They will then select the 30 people who will make up the people’s panel, ensuring it reflects the diversity of the local population, both in terms of demographic make-up and opinions on climate change.

Invitation letters went out on Tuesday, June 15. Recipients have until Sunday, July 4th to register their interest using the link provided in the letter.

Further information about the selection and recruitment process is available online.

There will also be an Oversight Panel consisting of a group of local stakeholders from a range of public and private sectors who meet separately. It will support the work of the People’s Panel, lending it the additional influence and legitimacy essential for the successful implementation of the People’s Panel’s recommendations.

The Zero Carbon Cumbria Programme is a partnership which brings together nearly 70 organisations in Cumbria spanning the public, private and third sectors, with the aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. It is funded through a £2.5 million grant from the National Lottery Climate Action Fund.