Central Blackpool Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Interviews

In 2017 Shared Future facilitated a citizen led inquiry into Health and Wellbeing in Central Blackpool. These short videos, taken on the 4th May 2017 explain the reasons behind why the inquiry was needed and what went on. The interviews were filmed by shared future associate Martin Wells of HeadHandHeart Ltd.

In the first video, Dr Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health at Blackpool Council describes the purpose of the listening event on the 4th May, and the importance of the citizen led inquiry.

Nick Beddow, one of the facilitators from Shared Future, explains the format of the citizen led inquiry, how the participants have been sharing their experience of living in Blackpool, what they want to change, and the steps that will help in that.

Gary Phillips, an inquiry participant, talks about how the inquiry gave him a focus to tackle issues of personal concern, the value of listening to the opinions of others, about voicing his opinion, and the commitment shown by both inquiry participants and professionals to the process.

Find out more about this project or download the full report describing the project process and the list of 33 recommendations that emerged from it.