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Participatory Budgeting and Social Enterprise: Latest research report by SFCIC

What links Participatory Budgeting and Social Enterprise? Through reflecting on long-term qualitative learning of Participatory Budgeting in the UK, viewed through a social economy lens, we found that Participatory Budgeting, in and of itself, stimulates the development of new cooperatives and sustained social action.

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What’s in a name: The thorny definition of ‘social enterprise’.

Woman at a community meeting, holding up a 'Building Vibrant Community' ideas sheet

In a recent meeting with colleagues representing different sides of the perennial social enterprise definition debate, we again stumbled, or struggled to agree. There is of course some official definitions, but everyone still seems to feel we need to broaden or narrow it. It sometimes feels like we are a lot of navel gazers dancing on the head of a pin! Which sounds difficult and dangerous.

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Journey into Social Enterprise: Long March or Walking the Talk?

GMSEN mural

Jez Hall of Shared Future and Lynn Sbaih of Give2Gain had the privilege of running a two hour session at the recent Greater Manchester Social Enterprise conference on the ‘Journey of Social Enterprise’. Our purpose was to explore the motivations and reasons why people got into social enterprise, and then, to think more widely about what sustained individuals on their journey.

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