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Blackpool Far North and Blackpool South Health and Wellbeing Inquiries

‘for people living in Blackpool Far North what are the main things that affect people’s health and well-being and what can be done about them?’
We have spent 12 months working with Public Health Blackpool and The Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group. The second and third inquiries addressing the main things that affect people’s health and wellbeing and what can be done to address them have been completed

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Shared Future Annual Report October 2017

We are pleased to present our 2016 – 2017 Annual Report. Having achieved a good level of stability we are excited about the future; building on our current portfolio and seeing what as yet unexplored opportunities are open to us. As ever the coming year promises more interesting and exciting work and we look forward to continuing our engagement with stakeholders, associates and clients, old and new.

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The Central Blackpool Health and Wellbeing Inquiry

This citizen led inquiry was commissioned by Blackpool Council’s Public Health department as a way of finding out what local residents think after an intense period of deliberation, where they were given the chance to share experiences and opinions, to challenge each other and to question a range of professionals before writing their own recommendations on what needs to happen.

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Fracking a Citizens Deliberation: Preston 2016

Fracking Inquiry image

Fracking is a hugely important issue for politicians grappling with the energy challenges we are faced with now and in the future. However, the debate is dominated by industry representatives, politicians and campaigners, with citizens often left watching from the sidelines. This report is of a citizen led inquiry and the conclusions of a group of citizens who looked at Fracking with fresh eyes and an open mind.

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