Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change

The Bude Area Community Jury, which was commissioned by Bude Climate Partnership, brought together 34 citizens aged 16 to 86 from across the wider Bude area to answer the question:

‘‘How can we respond to a changing climate, including sea level rise, to support our community to thrive?

In August 2023, Sortition Foundation sent a letter to every address in the Bude Community Network Area, which comprises the town of Bude-Stratton and 10 surrounding rural parishes.

To ensure a jury that reflected to diversity of the local population, participants were selected based on the following characteristics: Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Disability, Religion, Geography, Indices of Multiple Deprivation, Length of time living in Bude, Housing Tenure, and levels of climate change concern.

The jury met over 5 full days across 3 weekends, from the 24th of September to the 25th of November. All participants received £330 in vouchers as a thank you for their time. 

Download the full report (65mb PDF)

The Recommendations

Over three weekends, the jury heard from 21 ‘expert’ commentators, met with young people from the parallel Budehaven School Mini-Jury, engaged with the work of Key Stage 2 children, and shared their own knowledge and lived experiences. After 30 hours of talking, listening, imagining, and deliberating, the Jury came to a close.

In the end the Community Jury produced 11 principles for future decision making on sea level rise, and 29 recommendations covering sea level rise, awareness raising, and other climate change-related topics.

Some of the top recommendations focused on:

  • Prioritising nature-based solutions and natural processes in responding to sea level rise. 
  • Moving beyond short-term, election-bound thinking in our response to climate change. 
  • Ensuring local knowledge is at the forefront of any response. 
  • Developing a community engagement exercise to ensure CTAP funding is used effectively. 

Jury Statement

The Jury drafted a short statement that captured their feelings around the journey that they had been part of. This needed to secure the support of 80% of participants to be included in the report: 

“As a jury we have met for some 30 hours for a total of over a thousand individual hours. With us we’ve brought a huge range of life and professional experience. We have thought deeply and considered a range of opinions. At times it was possible to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation.

Through our combined knowledge and by adopting a collaborative approach, we’ve worked through this complex issue together. We’ve identified a need for urgent action to achieve positive outcomes and hope for our community. We see a long term problem that can’t be solved with short term solutions – we must alert people to the gravity of the situation.

We, as a jury, want to make an ongoing commitment to continue to push for change – and believe that if we all work together we can achieve this. People power is central to addressing this but likewise so is political action at all levels.

We have glimmers of hope for the future.
We see opportunities not only threats.
We know you are listening and that change can happen.”

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