Maria Lucien



Shared Future

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Maria joined Shared Future in September 2021 as Project Officer, assisting with technical support and management of deliberative processes. She recently graduated from Lancaster University with a Masters in Ecology and Conservation.

Maria is a strong believer in the importance of deliberation and citizen engagement in climate change adaptation and mitigation policy. For her masters dissertation research she wrote about the inherent benefit of citizens’ juries to local communities and climate governance. Pursuant to this, Maria’s specialisations include climate justice, climate change science and sociology, as well as deliberative governance as a tool for climate policymaking.

Maria strives to support citizen inclusion in local governance, and to encourage local community-led energy and climate adaptation initiatives. She hopes that deliberative and participative instruments in democracy can revitalise the democratic system and introduce a system of representation that relies on dialogue between citizen and the state, while also allowing citizens to engage with climate science in a way that encourages behavioural changes.

Specialisms and interests

citizen engagement, climate change, citizens’ juries, climate justice, climate policymaking, deliberative governance