Caroline Tosal-Suprun


Caroline Tosal-Suprun joined Shared Future as a facilitator in early 2020. She has 10 years’ experience working with communities, and organisations increasing participation in local decision-making, establishing lived experience panels and multi-agency groups to achieve systemic change.

Caroline enjoys working on citizens assemblies including those involving young people, leading participatory budgeting events and supporting citizen’s juries.

Caroline has a degree in youth and community work, and has trained with ILM in leadership development and coaching. Caroline loves to identify and achieve shared outcomes in a good humoured and practical way. Caroline is a skilled facilitator and trainer.

Caroline has worked with Oxfam, Healthwatch, and a number of housing associations, Domestic Violence Charities, Creative City CIC and the Centre of Public Innovation.

Specialisms and interests

Citizens Assemblies, citizens juries, youth citizens assemblies, participatory budgeting, leadership development and coaching.