Our Compliments, Concerns and Complaints Procedure

Version 2: 23 October 2014


SFCIC seeks to be a transparent organisation that is open to improving and developing its capabilities, whilst sharing its learning and knowledge with others. We therefore regard how we deal with feedback, both positive and negative, as being of vital importance in helping us understand not only how to further develop our strengths, but also how to address any areas of concern. This document details how we as an organisation handle such feedback.

Types of communication

General comments

Any individual or organisation can contact us using the contact details on our website . We respond to all general comments within one week.


Much of our work requires us to collect qualitative evidence of improvement made, and therefore compliments from those who have used our services are actively encouraged. If people want to send a compliment but do not want it to be used as supporting evidence on current or future projects, we ask that they identify this at the time of submission. We acknowledge any compliments received.


We classify concerns as something that an individual or organisation wishes to raise about our work, but which is not involved with actual service delivery. This might be issues such as:

  • Something on our website
  • Our views on a particular issue
  • Our links with other organisations/events/activities

We will answer such concerns as fully as possible, where answering such concerns would not breach the confidentiality of a third party. We acknowledge any concerns raised upon receipt and aim to respond to them within 4 working days.


Complaints relate to any issues arising within projects that we are currently delivering, or have previously delivered. Complainants may be those who have commissioned the service, or those who have used the service.


At the start of any project, we identify who the lead contact person is for those commissioning the service, and they should be the first point of call for any complaints.

Service users

Service users may not be aware of the lead on a specific project, and therefore for ease we ask that they use our general enquiries contact details, listed below.

We acknowledge all complaints upon receipt and aim to respond to them within 7 working days.

How to submit information

We achieve success through working together and by regularly collaborating with other organisations.

As we are a small organisation, we ask that any feedback is submitted in writing rather than by telephone. This also ensures that other directors are able to deal with issues in the event of sickness or holidays of a main contact.

Contacts should provide as much information as they can. Dates, times, names and details of exactly what it is they wish to raise and why they wish to raise it help us to deal with messages more swiftly, ideally without the need to seek further information from the original contact.

Contact details


If a lead contact on a project is known, they should be the first point of contact: the alternative contact is admin@sharedfuturecic.org.uk 

By post

We prefer email submissions as these can generally be answered more swiftly: postal submissions may take up to two weeks to receive a response. Any post should be sent to our main business address:

Shared Future CIC
28 Cromwell Grove
Manchester M19 3GB